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Is a career change right for you?

There are times when everyone has felt bored, frustrated or fed up with their current job. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to immediately stop what you are currently doing and start a career change? But how do you know whether to stick with your current profession or make the move and change your career?

There are many reasons and factors why you may need a career change, and with research showing that you may make up to seven career changes throughout your life, you need to take the time to consider your choices and options. When considering a career change you need to consider and understand your strengths, the industry you’ll enjoy, what are the steps required and how long your career transition will take. If you add in the introduction of technology and artificial intelligence, many of the jobs of today may not be here in the years to come and there will be many more created in the future that don’t already exist. When considering a career change you need to consider and understand how these factors will influence your career choice.


Know your career goal

No job should ever make you feel unhappy long term or make you doubt yourself and your ability. The right career can boost your confidence and make you feel that you have all the right skills to progress in your career. If your job is having a negative effect, then you might be in the wrong career or potentially with the wrong employer. You need to ask yourself why you want to change careers, what is it that motivates you and gives you satisfaction. Start by creating a list of your strengths and weaknesses, determine what you do like and don’t in your current workplace. From there, it will give you a good idea whether you’re in the right profession but with the wrong company, or you need a career change.


You feel that you are only there for the paycheck.

If you’re at the stage where you wake up every morning and dread going into work, but the only reason you do is to make money, then you might want to consider a career change. We all have financial responsibilities, but rather than sitting in a job that you don’t enjoy you’re able to move away and find a career that deeply motivates you, where you can use your strengths and look forward to the challenges that your job brings. How much you want or need to earn is still an important factor, however if you’re in a career that suits you, you’ll be more motivated, perform better and therefore you’re more likely to climb to a senior position and receive a higher salary and much greater satisfaction.


You’re lacking motivation

Of course, working isn’t always fun and there are going to be times when you feel a little bored or unmotivated. However, this shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. One of the most common reasons why people decide to make a career change is because they are not being challenged; the skills, knowledge and experience that they have are not being used. You need to refer back to your list of strengths and likes, combine them with your current work skills and education. From there, you can begin to create a list of potential careers and industry’s where you can find a career that is going to keep you interested, suit you better and keep you motivated.


Find support and professional career advice

If you are wondering whether or not to change careers, it is a good idea to involve and speak to people that you can trust, career advisors, career consultants, family, friends, work mentors and colleagues that may be able to help you identify the new direction and the steps required. You can use many tools and assessments which can help identify your interests and personality to narrow down potential career choices.

An expert career coach can help you identify the careers that suit you best, many people who use our Career Advice and Career Coaching services book in and speak to an expert in a career change. Career consultants will know exactly how to tell whether or not a career change is the right decision for you, as well as being able to discover new career options and where your strengths can be used best. A career consultant and career coach will also be able to guide you and help plan out your career path.

If you would like some help deciding on a career change and whether it is right for you, see our Career Coaching and Career Consulting services or speak to one of our expert career advisors to learn more.

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