Benefits of a Career Coach and Career Plan

It can be daunting to think about your next career move. Luckily there are career coaches who specialise in giving the best tips and support in getting your dream job. The thought of changing careers can seem daunting and self-defeating. Add this to the job search process, and what you have is a reminder of the dreaded job hunt you thought was over.


We understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea – that is why we exist. Career counselling is vital if you think you need help with your next move. Having a dedicated career coach every step of the way guiding you can be a massive plus. With technology causing major disruptions in industries, it has resulted in many people to rethink their careers. But it isn’t easy trying to branch out on your own. So, let us look at some benefits you can expect when you work with a career coach.


Career Planning

Before taking any action, it is essential to get to know you first. Career planning is the first step. Your career coach will have a one-to-one sit down with you to understand what makes you tick. Remember, this is all about you. Your job should be something you love. We help you plan a move you can be proud of. Using a tried and tested methodology as well as handy tools, we narrow down on your unique personality and profile to ensure we get the right job for you.


Education and Further Training

Every industry experience changes over time. Taking additional training is inevitable. Your career coach will help you identify essential training or qualifications to take. Trainings will ensure you learn new skills for career advancements. Your coach will also advise on the top-selling skills in the market to learn.


Resume and Interview Advice

A career coach will help you prepare a new resume or update your existing resume. Your resume is usually the first point of contact with a prospective employer. It must look stunning and professional. It should reflect the industry and role you are applying for. There are many tools to help you design a professional-looking resume. Your career coach will work on this with you to get the best result.


LinkedIn Profile

Today, everything is digital. Yes, even your resume. Some employers prefer to reach out to prospective employees via LinkedIn. It means if you are looking for a new career challenge but don’t have an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn, you might be missing out. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume, and employers will search you online even if you provide a resume. It always pays to have an up-to-date online profile at all times.


Setting and Achieving Targets

You will need all the motivation and drive when trying to change careers or get a promotion. Setting goals and actively working towards attaining your goals are just some of the challenges you can expect. Again, your career coach is someone equipped to help keep you motivated and focused. Work with your coach during career counselling sessions to set targets and track progress.


These are a few benefits you can expect from your career coach. The list is infinite. If you are unsure of your next career move, the best you can do is get in touch with a career coach.

Contact our support team today to learn more about professional career advice, and how best to use it to improve your chances of getting your desired position. Get in touch with Perth Career Consulting today to find out how we can help you on your way to career success!

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How a Career Coach can help with a career change

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